We all have issues in our tissues. If you are being treated for an “injury”, please check with your medical professional before staring classes. If it is a chronic issue, please talk to Tami before the class. These class sessions are your practice. You know your body best. Listen to your inner wisdom and do only what your body feels okay doing.

Yes, the classes at Pilates On The Green are in a small group setting so reserving your spot is recommended. Contact Tami McPherson at 707-953-9390 or email at pilatesnut@yahoo.com.

Losing weight is a lifestyle change. Doing Pilates can be a part of this but you also need to look at your nutritional lifestyle and cardio workouts. For a cardio workout, add a 30 minute jumpboard class to your Pilates workout to get that heart rate up. Losing weight is an admirable goal, but being healthy and vibrant is optimum.

Pilates is a mind body system that is based on breath, centering, balance, strength, flexibility. It is a full body activity. Pilates has the capability of bringing more conscientiousness and efficiency in your movement, be it athletic or everyday living.

We recommend a minimum of two (2) times a week for Pilates whether that is 2 classes or 1 class and 1 equipment session or 2 equipment sessions. It takes the body about 2000 repetitions to create a habit. With mindful movement and breath, depending on your body and your individual needs, Pilates is great 2-3 times per week along with your cardio workouts.

Movement is for every body. Age is not a factor. Here at Pilates On The Green we encourage students 16 years old and up to come participate.